RockMelt is a social media web browser developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria and backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreesen. It uses the Chromium open source code as its base from which Chrome was derived.


RockMelt is a browser designed to be fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Installation is fairly easy and at the end of it the browser asks for your FB username and password alongwith some security and sharing options.

The first time you start the browser you will be forced to double-check if you did’nt start Google Chrome by mistake. Since it is based on the same code as the Chrome, RockMelt is just a tweeked version of Chrome. It has the same appearence and same download manager. However the similarity stops there.

Tucked nicely on either sides are two very important sidebars which fundamentally differentiates RockMelt from its rival Chrome.


The left sidebar displays all online friends or else it gives an option of making a list of fav friends and then displaying them. Hovering around any of the friend gives us the last status update of that person.Clicking any of the friends allows us to start a chat in which the messages are displayed in very appealing pop up format. Apart from that there’s an option in the chatbox itself that allows you to see the profile of the person you are chatting with(pretty cool).

The right sidebar is mainly for news feeds as shown the facebook and twitter news feeds are added by default and opens a small box when you click either one of them. It’s very easy to integrate other social networking accounts and also we can add many RSS feeds too. Both the sidebars keep updating real-time, while you can browse your mail and other stuff in the main window giving an experience of 24×7 social networking.

Status Updating is fairly easy and gives an option to choose in which accounts we want to update the status :).

Any page that is being viewed in the main window can be easily shared via your facebook account by one click share button provided at the top.

The Search feature is also quite good as it provides a drop down list and the user can immediately preview any search result.We were shocked at the speed with which it previewed the page.

The browser provides a very easy to understand guide with pictures too.


RockMelt browser stands up to its claim of being a social media browser and integrates perfectly your browser and your social network. For people who have had enough with Firefox, IE and Chrome, this is the browser to try.Very easy to use and you get accustomed to it very quickly.However it is to be seen if it will integrate the upcoming FB mail in its later versions. For now RockMelt is not available to everybody, its running on invites basis. So anybody interested can contact me.

We go with 4.5 /5